An Art Lesson Plan for Kindergarten: Weaving Paper Placemats

An Art Lesson Plan for Kindergarten: Weaving Paper Placemats

This short lesson plan gives little ones an introduction to weaving and patterns that allows them to have a functional and charming bit of art as a product.

Kindergarten Art: Paper Weaving, placemats

Outcomes:  To learn about weaving and have the tactile experience of creating a pattern with the process of weaving.

Materials:  81/2 x 11 inch paper black for a ‘warp’, and many different colors for strips to go through for the ‘weft’.  May have ribbon and other things to weave if children are able.

Art History:  Look at history of weaving cloth, show example of woven blanket/rug/wall hanging/whatever.  Have the children look at their own clothing.  Can they see the ‘weave’ the in and out?  Talk about weft and warp.

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  1. Have pre-cut black paper-fold paper in half and cut about 3 inches along fold to make the warp lines in the middle of the paper, but retaining the ‘frame’ of the paper.  Don’t cut all the way through!
  2. Cut colored strips of paper on paper cutter, one ½ inch is a good size.  Cut a lot of it to give the children a good choice of colors.
  3. Have children sit on carpet and show examples and talk about weaving, have them look at clothing and discuss. 
  4. Show example of finished paper weaving and note in and out pattern-like a checker board.
  5. On another black warp paper, demonstrate weaving with paper and query as to weather they can see a pattern.  (Over-Under-Over-Under) Go to end of paper.
  6. Use another strip, doesn’t matter what color, and start opposite of how you started before.  If you started with Over, start with Under this time.  (Under-Over-Under-Over).  This variance is what holds the weave together, and is very important, so do it twice!
  7. Have children sit at tables with black paper warps, piles of strips in various colors and crayons of light colors to write names with. 
  8. Have children write their names on black paper and flip over. 
  9. Have children choose their first strip and start weaving, with you saying over-under-over-under.   They may help each other at their tables if needed.
  10. Take next strip and repeat over and under, but make sure to start with the opposite of what was started with next time, and to do that with each strip until placemat is full.
  11. When placemat is completed, laminate and use as an art mat, or a mat for lunch. Have the kids make a set, or make patterns with their colored strips.

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    Sarah Vautaux, posted this comment on Nov 26th, 2010

    You should make one correction. The black paper actually functions as the stationary warp. The weaving strips are the weft.

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